How to Marinate Grilled Chicken With Delicious Satay

Grilled Chicken with satay

The irresistible attraction of this dish is its spicy satay, delicious crispy chicken skin, a dish suitable for cold days. However, you must prepare enough spices to marinate grilled chicken below.


  • 1kg chicken feet or chicken thighs.
  • 5 tablespoons of delicious satay.
  • 2 tablespoons minced red onion, garlic, chili (if you like spicy food, you can add chili).
  • Seasoning, sugar, salt, honey, monosodium glutamate, lemon, cooking oil.


  • Step 1: clean the fresh ingredients, including chicken and spices, red onion, garlic, chili …
  • Step 2: Prepare seasoning. Turn on the stove to heat the pan, heat the cooking oil, then saute the minced onion, garlic, and chili. Continue to add the remaining spices and stir well, at this time reduce the cooking temperature to prevent the spices from burning. When done, turn off the heat and let the spice mixture cool.
  • Step 3: Marinate the chicken with the above-prepared satay seasoning, marinating time for at least 1 hour. Need to shock the chicken, squeeze and rub it with your hands to make the dish more flavorful.
  • Step 4: Carry out the process of grilling satay marinated chicken, the best dish when grilled with a charcoal stove or a self-rotating chicken grill so that the meat is evenly cooked. Enjoy with accompanying dipping sauce.