Instructions for Making Crispy Fried Wonton

Combination Fried Wonton

The crispy fatty taste combined with the rich fleshy flavor of the filling is enough to make a delicious fried wonton dish that many people love.


  • Wonton shell: 1 pack
  • Ground lean meat: 150g
  • Minced shrimp: 150g
  • Watermelon minced fish: 50g
  • Sugar: 4g
  • MSG: 4g
  • Salt: 2g
  • Seasoning seeds: 2g
  • Ground pepper: 2g
  • Sesame oil: 2g
  • Head onion: 10g
  • Coriander: 5g
  • Tapioca flour: 10g
  • Egg white: 1


Step 1: Processing the Filling

  • Mix the ingredients including ground meat, minced shrimp, and sardines together, season with salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, ground pepper, mix well and wait for about 1 hour to infuse the spices.
  • Next, add cilantro, onion and tapioca starch, mix again until it all blends together. Then add another bowl of egg whites and stir again.

Step 2: Pack Wonton

  • Put the wonton shell on a clean table, extract some of the cake filling, and fold it diagonally to make it close together. Keep doing this until you run out of bread.
  • Put the oil pan on the stove, wait for the oil to boil, then drop the wontons in, fry until golden brown on both sides, take out and drain the oil.